Passion Photography

Photography, especially portrait photography, is something very personal. For me as a photographer, as well as for the person being photographed. Both parties have to disclose a part of their personality during the shooting. I consider capturing that special moment in an image as a marvellous gift and I regard that as the magic of photography. To be honest, it is these exact moments, that have facinated me since my youth and which are at the core of my passion for photography.

I would like to share some words about myself at this point: Photography accompanies me and my life since my earliest childhood. As a little girl I was the proud owner of an analog single-lens reflex camera. Soon after I developed my black and white films myself in a photo lab. I spent hours, even whole nights in the darkroom. It was a wonderful experience. As a teenager, this passion progressed to the moving image. Today I am fortunate being able to combine both of these passions – on the one hand working as a photographer, mostly portraying actors, on the other hand working as a director and assistant director of feature films.